Mangos and other African fruits are delicious and easy to prepare in our African recipes (

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Preparing recipes with African fruit is a pleasure, and never very much work. Fruits are most nutritious and best enjoyed raw. Many pair well with African spices and local herbs, for example, pineapple and ginger or fresh mint. Here, we will teach you how to prepare seasonal fruits so that they taste their best and are relished and enjoyed. Fruits are a particular specialty at African Epicure.

To begin with, local organic fruit fresh from your neighbor’s tree makes a good start. Fruit trees, when they are in season, release tremendous abundance. Witness a village mango hanging heavy with overripe fruit. There has to be a good use for all that delicious providence from the trees!

We like to conserve fruit, when we have abundance, by drying, baking or freezing it. Mango pulp makes delicious sorbet, scented with vanilla and cardamom. Dried mangoes (it’s true, Africa has an abundance of mangoes that you need to know what to do with!) are easily preserved for months, if you can get the process right. Of course, there is also baking, for corossol tarts, banana bread or pumpkin cake.

We’ll teach you our special ways of enjoying fruit. You teach us yours (!

Here are some African fruit recipes we are eager for you to try:

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