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A cutting board with African ingredients mise en place (Flickr: rossination)

African Epicure is for people who love African food, plain and simple. We publish articles featuring local foods and food journalism. We explore all the richness and natural biodiversity the continent has to offer. And we never say no to an invitation.

Explore our glossary of African food and the African kitchen. Invite your friends over and try out new and traditional African recipes. Remember to shop local, support organic and small businesses, and enjoy your meal to its fullest by savoring the flavors.

About African Food
Learn all about African ingredients like natural botanicals, living superfoods and artisanal grains.
Food stories, travel journalism and one-on-one interviews and profiles of the cooks, growers, farmers and food activists who are shaping the African landscape.
African recipes for traditional dishes and modern favorites from all over our favorite continent.