Okra and other African vegetables are easy to cook in our modern and traditional recipes (www.africanepicure.com)

Okra pods (Flickr: mckaysavage)

Learning to make okra according to you own preferences is easy. Just acknowledge whether you enjoy the thick, viscous nature of a good soupu kanja or an okro stew. It’s okay if you don’t! For everyone, locals or visitors, some local dishes are simply more of an acquired taste than others. But if you’re living in Africa and want to eat more local vegetables, chances are that okra is going to come up eventually.

We recommend starting your okra expedition with recipes that keep okra hot and dry. It’s totally possible to make the vegetable light and crispy, and well-cooked it has a deep, nourishing taste. We stand by these okra recipes and hope that you like them. Okra is a great vegetable and one that has a proud place in the African kitchen.

Here are some recipes for getting started with okra:

Turmeric Okra

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