African recipes rich in tradition and nutrition (

A Ghanaian cookshop menu (Flickr: Rachel Strohm)

Here, we are actively collecting the best and most doable African recipes as well as innovative ways to use African ingredients.

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We love African food, and it is a deep and genuine pleasure to share the recipes we love with you. It is our sincere hope that you experiment with ease and that you, too, enjoy them. So, from our table to yours, dig in and enjoy!

We have long traditions of using plants as herbal medicine and natural health treatments.
Desserts and Sweets
African dessert and sweet recipes for festive occasions and everyday pleasure.
Local fruits and spices create special drinks like fresh juice, cocktails, spiced tea and freshly-roasted coffee.
Fish and Seafood
Fresh and sustainable fish and seafood is the key ingredient in many African recipes, especially from the coast.
Fresh and dried flowers are used as flavoring and natural medicine in the African kitchen.
Delicious ways to prepare all kinds of fresh and local African fruit.
Use local ingredients like banana, millet, sorghum and more to make your very own homebrew.
Household Recipes
Homemade and natural cleaning products and skin and body care with local African ingredients.
Lentils and Beans
African vegetarian dishes treat lentils and beans to different spices, preparations and flavors.
Meat and Poultry
Meat, to us, is for special occasions and no one does meat better than in Africa.
Seeds and Nuts
Healthy nuts and seeds bring superfood nutrition to our daily meals. Learn how to benefit.
Starches and Grains
Favorite recipes for African rice, couscous, maize, millet, plantains and more.
Delicious recipes for how to cook and enjoy all sorts of African vegetables.