Baobab seed oil is a well-kept African beauty secret.

baobab oil is an african natural beauty secret (

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A rich natural cosmetic gentle on the skin, baobab seed oil mixes well with shea butter and is a good carrier oil for African essential oils. It can be made by hand in a mortar and pestle, pounding baobab seeds, but baobab oil is also made artisanaly in commercial small presses all over West Africa.

Baobab oil helps maintain collagen levels in your skin and is especially nourishing for environmentally-damaged and dry skin. It makes an excellent oil treatment for hair when applied to split ends. It is also a soothing ingredient when added to local soap.

Baobab seed oil is a valued ingredient in local cosmetics, mixing nicely with locally-grown shea butter and essential oils to make lusciously nourishing face serums and natural face creams. It can also be mixed into shea butter to make a body butter, or used directly on split ends or your face after a shower. Either way, soak it up and you’ll soon see the nourishment make a difference.

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