Vegetarian and other African sweet potato recipes (

Sweet potatoes are more nutritious when they are yellow or orange (Wikipedia)

Cooking with African sweet potatoes is a pleasure, because the vegetable lends such solid sweetness to any dish. In the African kitchen, sweet potatoes are valued because, like pumpkin and squash, they are extremely nutritious, delicious and they keep a long time, no refrigeration required.

Sweet potatoes lend themselves well to a variety of side and main dishes, which is particularly important if you’re trying to organize vegetarian food for yourself in Africa. Stove-top cooking can make sweet potatoes into pancakes, fritters or mash, and if you have an oven, there are roasted sweet potatoes and sweet potato fries, both perfect with garlic mayonnaise.

The nice thing about sweet potatoes is that they can keep for ages in your pantry store cupboard. One day, you will come home a bit tired and in need of extra nourishment. Sweet potatoes are a comfort food. This is where to turn to when it’s cold or raining outside. We encourage you to send us your own favorite sweet potato recipes so we can share them here (

Here are some of our favorite recipes with African sweet potatoes:

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