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Cashew nuts! (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

It’s quite easy to recognize known species of nuts, but there are many local African varieties that might not be so familiar. For example, the nut from the African almond tree (Terminalia catappa) is like a western almond, but thinner and more piquant. Likewise, the pleasure and stimulation of a fresh kola nut, chewed delicately in small nibbles, is something to be roundly enjoyed.

Every edible squash or pumpkin has seeds inside that can be cleaned, roasted and enjoyed. We have noticed that using the seeds from squash-type vegetables is not done everywhere in Africa, so if you haven’t tried this, we encourage you to!

To make your own simple roasted seeds, just scrape out the seeds from the inside of a squash or pumpkin with a spoon. Soak them in salted water and, once they’ve softened, remove the seeds from the pulp, which you can put in the compost. Dry them on a kitchen towel and toast them in a pan with oil over a low flame, adding a pinch of salt and stirring from time to time. A tantalizing aroma will float up from them when they’re done. You’ll know.

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