Beans and lentils make healthy natural vegetarian food in our African recipes (

Bowls of dried beans (Flickr: stuti)

We like lentils and beans for how full they make you, and how wholesome and delicious they feel when you eat them.

As an energy source of protein, they are great for breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day. Many African bean recipes are to be eaten at breakfast, like Egyptian ful medames beans and tamia.

Choosing more vegetarian dishes and creating more vegetarian meals is more important than ever. Changing your diet, even just for a few meals scattered over the week, has an enormous impact on your local food system and helps to lessen your footprint on the planet. Lucky for us, lentils and beans are delicous to cook up in salads and warming main dishes.

Lentils and beans that are still in their hull, for example whole mung beans and chick peas, can easily be sprouted overnight to use for dinner the next day. Sprouts are the best way to access the latent nutrition of lentils and beans, and we encourage you to try sprouting at home. It is easy!

We encourage you to try these recipes for African lentil and bean dishes:

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