Citronella java essential oil is the best essential oil we have seen to keep mosquitoes away. No other citronella oil seems to pack the same punch. The important thing to remember about essential oils is that they should be used with caution on the skin and are best used mixed with a carrier oil. Their plant medicine is quite delicate, and a little goes a long way.

This insect salve,, unlike our delicate Citronella Java All Natural Insect Spray, protects you as the shea butter moisturizes your skin. It is rich and nourishing, but also very strong. Don’t use too much of it at a time, and reapply when you feel your skin getting dry.

Easy Citronella Bug Salve

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Shea nuts, ready to crack. (Wikipedia)

This is a thick, protective salve that makes a great moisturizer to use before going out, as it keeps mosquitoes away.

This takes less than one minute to make and can even be mixed, in small quantities, right in your palm. If the lemongrass scent is a little strong for you, try tempering it with a drop of rose, basil or lavender oil.

2 tablespoons shea butter

6-8 drops citronella java essential oil (organic, if possible)

1. Take a small travel-sized plastic tin or empty lip-gloss tub and fill it 80% with shea butter.

2. Add the essential oil. If you’ve never made this before, you might not want to use so much citronella. Try it out first, as you can always add more later, but not the other way around!

3. Mix well. This is important, as you want the protection of the citronella java oil to be evenly distributed throughout th salve. You can use your fingers, a popsicle stick or a toothpick to do the mixing.

4. This will keep for months, so enjoy!

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