homemade natural African cosmetics using local botanicals and natural recipes (www.africanepicure.com)

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At our house, we use mostly all homemade, natural cleaning products. We’re talking vinegar and baking soda, and combinations of them, mostly, plus some good old-fashioned soap.

Speaking of soap, most places there are women’s cooperatives or small businesses making soap locally. This is a fun thing to support and try. At our house, we buy a bar of local soap whenever we see someone selling it, and now it’s all we’ve had for ages. The scent and feeling on the skin is a bit more delicate and it’s a luxury I’ve come to enjoy.

Whether you just decide to make a simple vinegar counter top spray or start to make your own body cream, we’re proud of you. The recipes in this section offer a small glimpse of an African “home economics” that makes us very proud.

One word about supplies: when you start looking at recipes that you don’t have the ingredients for, it can be tempting to go all-out for the imported stuff. Don’t do it! African Epicure is all about going with what you have that’s local. We offer you beauty “hacks” — ways to use local ingredients that are new and maybe a little experimental.

We encourage you to try the same!

Here are some easy recipes for household and body care products to get started:

Citronella Java All-Natural Insect Repellent
Long-Lasting Insect Repellent Salve