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Cooking with African fish and seafood is a special pleasure. Fresh fish, caught from the ocean, smells salty and sweet before it is grilled plain over charcoal or simmered in a spicy coconut stew. Seafood is gathered from low tides or by intrepid divers with fins and snorkel masks. Where there is no refrigeration, different regions have created different ways to smoke, dry and preserve the bounty of the water and send it to their brethren further inland.

Please be aware that many — if not most — of African fish and seafood species are under threat and close to collapse. Due to overfishing and our over consumption, the bounty that has sustained us for generations might not be there for the next. Luck for us, there is a lot we can do.

We invite you to save fish and seafood for special occasions. By cooking and eating it sparingly, we take some of the strain off of our local fish and seafood populations. The marine ecosystems are already under tremendous stress in many places because of pollution and changing climate.

By supporting local marine conservation efforts and reducing your consumption, you will do a lot to help things in your area.

That said, we also encourage you to make the fish and seafood you do eat the most delicious and enjoyable possible.

Here are some very delicious African fish and seafood recipes:

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