mandazi and other African sweets and dessert recipes (

A bowl of Swahili mandazi (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Dessert is the special time at the end of the meal when everyone sits around and takes stock of all the enjoyment and pleasure that has been had at the table.

Sweet things are enjoyed to remind us of the natural sweetness and goodness of life. Some are enjoyed regularly or even eaten for breakfast. Others are enjoyed only at feasts and special occasions.

We like to have African sweet breads around all the time. They make a good breakfast on the go. They are perfect at tea time. And when your neighbors come over for dessert after dinner, there they are, ready to be spruced up with some vanilla yoghurt frosting. Sweet fruits and vegetables lend themselves well to sweet breads: carrots, beetroot, zucchini, apples, pumpkin.

There are also fancy desserts, for your friends birthday party, anniversaries and for entertaining. We love these recipes to bits and highly recommend you try them! We’re not all for sweets, in general, but they have their place and time, so check out our fancier recipes when it comes time to indulge..

For recipes for African sweet breads and desserts, may we invite you to:

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