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Adding more dark green leafy vegetables to your diet is a great way to eat more alkalizing, anti-inflammatory and health-promoting foods. Africa is renowned for its dark green leafy vegetables. Everywhere there is enough water to grow a vegetable garden, you will find families and households gathering around pots and stews of local African greens.

The variety of local greens available in your market might feel, at first, overwhelming. Many local varieties of greens will be unique to your area so as the seller what things are called, and decide for yourself what you like by sampling each one, a little at a time.

When eating any new food, especially dark green vegetables, you want to start with small portions and proceed slowly. For example, when eating raw and wild-harvested dandelion greens for the first time, eat only very young (and less potent) ones, and only try a leaf or two on an empty stomach; wait and bit and see how you feel. Tolerance and your liking for the taste will grow with time.

Dark leafy greens are one African food group that can nourish your health and longevity. Try to get more of these in your diet, even if if means sauteing freshly-rinsed local greens to put on top a homemade pizza, in a quiche, or perhaps simply on their own with a squeeze of lime.

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