African vegetables are essential in African cooking, recipes and food. (

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Small gardens surround our houses and family land, and the lucky of us grew up with family and community organic gardens supplying our household.

Fresh vegetables taste delicious in African meals, and home cooking local produce brings out the best of both African and epicure.

We’ll be exploring how to cook African vegetables here, so that you can buy and eat as local as possible. Preparing African vegetables in new and delicious ways is also somewhat of an obsession of ours. So, if your mission is to figure out how to make really tasty okra, or cook your pumpkin or aubergine differently, you’re in the right place.

Here are some categories of African vegetables that we absolutely love:

Chili Peppers / Hot Peppers
Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

To learn more about the brilliant variety and multitude of our African vegetables, we suggest:

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