Flickr: Drew Avery

Flickr: Drew Avery

Some herbal medicines and plants used in natural healing find their way into the African kitchen, blurring the line between nutrition and healing. In fact, we know that nutrition plays a huge part in supporting the immune system and giving our body the nutrients we need to live and thrive.

Eating well means knowing how to use food as a gentle, restorative yet powerful medicine. When we adjust our diets to our unique preferences, lifestyles and what is fresh and delicious in our immediate environment, managing our health gets easier.

African botanicals like neem add flavor and natural healing in our recipes (

Neem leaves, fierce and bitter. (Flickr: wlcutler)

Life is a beautiful gift, and we want to be healthy to fully enjoy it. Using food as a natural, healing, living medicine helps you make small choices for health that add up over time. Especially when you’re choosing local botanicals and African medicinals, you are continuing a tradition that is as old as human history.

Our recipes for African botanicals are simple. For the herbs, they are mostly boiled into tea or strewn fresh in hot bathwater for a long soak. The natural body care recipes build on abundant natural nourishers like shea and cocoa butter to craft your own special healing balms, using what the Earth has provided for you.

Exploring botanicals in and out of the kitchen brings us closer to Nature, where we can experience caring for ourselves and our bodies with the bounty of the planet, a gift direct from the Earth to us.

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