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Fresh, sweet ginger juice is sold throughout West Africa and is a raw, piquant shock to the system. It’s a valid replacement for beer during a heavy meal and helps digestion immensely. Drink this in the morning for a hangover if you’d like to be shocked awake and ready to go. The energizing aspect of the plant, when drunk raw, is palpable.

Go on, then. All you need is a trust mortar and pestle. I suppose you could also use a Vitamix.

To sweeten this, and you’re going to need to sweeten this, we suggest using cruelty-free honey or making a simple syrup. Pour a little boiling water over the amount of sugar you want, and stir it until the sugar crystals dissolve. If you need to, add a little more hot water.

Fresh Raw Ginger Juice

A handful of fresh ginger root, washed and cleaned

Filtered water

Cruelty-free honey or sugar to taste

1. Scrub the ginger skin and all the corners with the coarse side of a dish sponge to make sure you’ve removed all the dirt.

2. Grate the ginger into shreds using a box grater. Be careful of your fingers.

3. Put the ginger in a large mortar and pestle, which is resting on a dish cloth so it doesn’t skid. Enjoy pounding the ginger as a piquant scent rises from the rhizome and breath deep: this is strong aromatherapy.

4. When you feel that the ginger has given up its juices and is sufficiently mashed, add a little filtered water to loosen it from the sides of the mortar. Mash it around a little more.

5. When you feel like you’ve got a nice pulp and have evenly distributed the water, get a colander or strainer ready, lined with muslin, cheesecloth, a woven dishtowel or a clean old t-shirt. Have it standing over a bowl big enough to hold all the liquid currently in the mortar.

6. Pour the ginger juice from the mortar into the colander, where the dishtowel or other cloth lining will catch it and the juice will slowly start to strain. Once all the ginger from the mortar is in the colander, gather up the edges of the dishtowel and start to twist and strain what’s left through the cloth.

7. Do this until there is very little water left in the cloth and nothing drips out when you squeeze it. This will only take one or two minutes!

8. Use a funnel or pour your raw ginger pulp into a glass bottle. Add your honey or sugar syrup at this point, to taste. If your household prefers drastically different sweet levels, you can always sweeten right before you’ve about to enjoy.

Serving suggestions:

  • With a large Ethiopian meal, in place of honey beer.
  • Use ginger juice as a mixer when you’re making cocktails.
  • Make yourself a Dark and Stormy with ginger juice, soda water and spiced rum.

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