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We melt the sugar in hot water so that more dissolves and the syrup becomes concentrated. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Many people prefer sugary cocktails and are used to juices and soft drinks full of high-fructose corn syrup. These people will have trouble enjoying tart, sour, or bitter cocktails without a bit of sweetness. But there’s no need to be lazy about it. If you’re going to add sugar to a cocktail, pack it full of some extra goodness.

Basic Sugar Syrup Recipe

Basic sugar syrup is just equal parts water and sugar, heated until the sugar dissolves. It’s possible to add a number of powerful flavors into this mix so that it becomes a more valuable additive.

Additional Flavors:

Ginger Syrup: The full recipe is here!

Hibiscus/Bissap: Heating bissap flowers with your sugar syrup provides a gorgeous deep color (and creates a syrup you can use, like Grenadine, to color your beverages).

citrus, mango, papaya, pineapple, chili, hot pepper and other African recipes for vodka and rum infusions (

Citrus gives cocktails a huge flavor boost. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Lime or Lemon: Mixing equal parts sugar syrup and lime/lemon juice creates the perfect sour mix—a very valuable addition to your bar and an unbeatable way to overpower poor quality liquor.

Vanilla: Vanilla beans (heated or just infused with the sugar), will add a familiar, warming vanilla taste to your sweetener.