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Spicy sauces from Madagascar. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Here, our writers and cooks from across the continent share what they love about all things African and epicure. The farmers and communities who support GMO-Free Zones and other traditional and long-term practices to protect our local food systems and support community-based organic agriculture are also celebrated here.

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This is a place to celebrate the story of our food. Please enjoy our articles about special food, family feasts and community celebrations that we have enjoyed at African Epicure. We extend to you our hospitality and we hope you like the meal.

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Superfoods and Botanicals

Baobab fruit is an African superfood and a natural health food (www.africanepicure.com)

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The African continent is home to a massive amount of Earth’s remaining biodiversity. Ancient hardwood rain forests that border coasts rich in massive migratory bird and marine life. Long stretches of arid land and savannah have created plants and animals that are stunningly unique and varied. Here are just a few that we enjoy:

5 West African traditional plants and botanicals

5 West African superfoods to optimize your health and longevity

5 West African natural beauty products you can make at home

We come from a long tradition of making things at home, and we love to learn new and better ways to use the bounty we have locally!

Farmers, Gardeners, and Producers

Articles - African Food, Drink, Food Traditions and Travel

Flickr – CIAT International Center for Tropical Agriculture

This is where we profile urban growers, organic farmers, artisanal producers and community food justice advocates of all colors, stripes and sizes working to make Africa’s food as accessible, diverse and resilient as possible.

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Stories and Traditions

African recipes, travel stories and food traditions using natural local food (www.africanepicure.com)

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We celebrate festivals and religious holidays every year with our family, friends and communities, creating new stories and carrying on with the old traditions as well. Wedding parties, religious occasions like ‘Eid and Christmas, and of course, traditional family specialties that your auntie and your grandmother make so well are all here.

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We have long traditions of using plants as herbal medicine and natural health treatments.
Homemade natural health and beauty products are easy in the African kitchen, if you know your ingredients.
Homebrew your own beer and other elixirs with local African ingredients.