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African Epicure is a collective of cooks, gardeners, foodies, journalists, storytellers, travelers, chefs and enthusiasts who love African food and want you to love it too.

We started African Epicure because we wanted to share our kitchen favorites, food traditions and best-loved African ingredients. There are hundreds of “forgotten” African native cereals, plants and fruits that are traditionally a part of our gardens and our diets. Now, with so many processed and imported foods on the market, it is easy to forget our local foods. Here, we embrace and encourage you to try them!

We are also big fans of African vegetables at African Epicure. We think there’s no reason to buy frozen, imported vegetables when you can get fresh, locally-grown produce from your local market. We also support organic and permaculture inspired agriculture, as we’ve seen from personal experience that these kinds of systems are in the best interest of communities.

We see ourselves creating, along with many other talented African chefs, foodies, home cooks, farmers, growers and writers, an African food renaissance where the bounty of our beloved continent is adored and enjoyed.

Everyone who participates in our project shares a stake in our collective. We pay our writers and do our best to support and encourage African cooks, restaurants, and food businesses in our local communities and around the continent.

Want to Write for Us?

Our goal is to publish as widely as possible about good food and food traditions around the continent.

We are always on the lookout for keen and passionate writers. Read our submission guidelines before you send us your story idea.

Our Writers

Elie Calhoun is a food and travel writer who has authored several books about the food and culture of Africa (www.africanepicure.com)Elie Calhoun has authored six books and dozens of articles about African food and travel. Her children’s books, Bedouin of the Middle East and Cultures of the World: Libya, are published by Lerner Books. Her travel and photo book series with Javed Jafferji, published through Swahili Coast Publications, explores Swahili Style, Swahili Kitchen, Images of Lamu and Swahili Doors. While studying at The American University in Cairo, she helped start-up the Middle East’s first English-language travel magazine. She lives, writes and cooks from West Africa, where she is working on her next book.

We have long traditions of using plants as herbal medicine and natural health treatments.
Homemade natural health and beauty products are easy in the African kitchen, if you know your ingredients.
Homebrew your own beer and other elixirs with local African ingredients.