Vegetarian and other African radish recipes (

Daikon radishes (Flickr: Franco Folini)

Radishes, especially long white daikon radishes, are phenomenal for breaking up hard soil and helping to rehabilitate a soil environment. Their benefit to organic and permaculture farmers, who build and nurture the richness of their soil, is well-known.

Radishes in the kitchen, we find, is another matter completely. We think that this often-overlooked African vegetable has a rightful place in your kitchen, and that you’ll agree once you find out more.

For starters, the radish is a member of a small cadre of vegetables that help to dissolve fats, cholesterol and mucus in your body (also included are turnips, shitake mushrooms, leeks and garlic). Also, radishes are extremely low in calories and high in fiber and water. They are an excellent food for dieting and loosing weight, and for fitting in your diet to make sure you’re eating enough vegetables.

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