Latin: Pomoea batatas, Liberia English: Potato greens

African sweet potato leaves (or potato greens) are good in recipes for dark green leafy vegetables (

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If you can’t find spinach, sweet potato leaves will make a good substitute. On their own, they are rich and so full of iron that they taste dark and metallic, with a note of sour just on the edges, to one side.

Nutritional Benefits of Sweet Potato Greens

Like other dark green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes — also called “potato greens” — are a great source of nutrition, including vitamin A, vitamin K and folate, or folic acid (which is much needed when you’re pregnant). They are also full of fiber — like all vegetables — so eating them (and all vegetables) helps to stabilize blood sugar and aid digestion. The bioactive compounds in sweet potato leaves are strong antioxidants that combat free radicals and cell damage.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to find sweet potato greens in your area, we have some great ideas for you on how to use them best in the kitchen!