baobab leaves dark green leafy vegetable -  african superfood recipes and information ( high in calcium but not very tasty (please prove us wrong –!), the leaves can be sauced like hibiscus / bissap and actually have quite a bit of protein for a dark green leafy vegetable.

We heard that if you eat baobab leaves raw, they boost the immune system, but it might be hard to find them unless you grow your own. We’ve mostly seen the leaves sold packaged and powdered, where it gets mixed into sauce for rice or, in some households, blended invisibly into a chocolate banana smoothie.

woman selling powdered dark green baobab leaves, an Africn superfood ( powder is sold as a food supplement in markets in Senegal and elsewhere in West Africa. It can be added to soups and sauces to increase the nutritional content of the food and make it even more healthy and delicious. We recommend using the powder in soups, stews and smoothies. Just add a little and you’ll hardly know it’s there!

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