Sweet potato greens are a nutrious African dark green leafy vegetable perfect for getting more nutrition in your diet. (www.africanepicure.com)Dark green leafy vegetables are full of iron, vitamins and good nutrition. We know that eating them raw supplies us will all sorts of good energy and health benefits, and we like to add green powder from some of these trees (like baobab and moringa) into our smoothies for an extra kick.

Cooking many of these greens is an experiment as they will be totally new tastes. Unless you’ve grown up with them or like bitter, sour and sometimes slimey things, it’s likely that eating some of these superfoods will take some getting used to. But we recommend it!

Learning to love your local greens is incredibly rewarding. Plus, when you love your local greens, your local vegetable grower loves you.

Here are some of our most beloved African greens:

Baobab Tree Leaves
Hibiscus Leaves
Moringa Leaves
Sweet Potato Greens

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