African fruit provide healthy nutrition and are delicious, especially raw. (

Red bananas (Wikipedia)

African fruit is varied and extremely local. Although you can, of course, get bananas and coconuts pretty much anywhere, anytime, famous seasonal fruits like mangoes confirm to a strictly seasonal schedule.

Raw fruit is a lovely source of quick and easily digestible energy, best eaten on an empty stomach. Fructose, the sugar found in fruit, is easily digested as a simple sugar when there’s nothing else to digest along with it. This is why fruit makes a great snack.

We love to enjoy African fruit when its in season. Sure, you can buy pretty apples from South Africa that have been irradiated so that they never turn brown, but why bother when you have so many delicious, nutritious, and sometimes downright strange things to enjoy in your own backyard? After all, discovering new tastes and flavors is half the fun, and in this respect, fruits reward the adventurous with the experience of a completely new spectrum of flavors.

We love to learn about new fruits, so if you have a local specialty that you want the world to know about, you know what to do (

African Fruit:

Baobab Fruit
Tamarind Fruit

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