African flowers are used in aromatherapy ( flowers attract all kinds of insect and bird species, bringing rich biodiversity to the continent. Migratory birds have watering holes and rest stops where flowers and trees provide respite and shelter on their journey. A beautiful school, home or office garden made colorful with flowers soothes the mind and creates a feeling of beauty, well-being and ease.

Aromatherapy and traditional plant medicine traditions honor African flowers. The cana lily is often used in ceremonies. When flowers from plants like the frangipani tree open up their scent, the strong essence of floral notes creates natural aromatherapy in the area around the tree. This is very useful information when planning sun-downers or a picnic!

In addition to adding beauty to gardens, offices and homes, many flowers carry a unique healing energy. Their presence can lift the spirits and provide much-needed beauty after a stressful day. We encourage you to plant and grow your own flowers, so that you can enjoy them in all their life phases, from bud to bloom.

If you do purchase your flowers, support your local organic flower grower, so you can put your face in the petals and be none the worse for it. Factory-farmed flowers are useless when there is so much natural beauty around!

This section is growing, so please send us photos and info about you favorite African flowers if you’d like to see them here (!

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