Neem oil is a natural botanical and used in traditional African medicine (

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Neem oil has a variety of topical uses for the skin, and is used commonly on skin growths, fungus and irritations. It is traditionally added to all kinds of hair and skin treatments, as well as soap.

Neem oil is made by pressing neem seeds. They start as small, delicate flowers that are wonderful food for bees.

Neem oil is used throughout Africa as a hair and skin medicine, rubbed onto ringworm, fungus, bug bites and all sorts of things. It is said to be very good for removing warts and skin spots caused by sun damage. (Please go see your dermatologist about those! Sun damage in Africa is very serious and we care about your health and want you to live a long life.)

Neem oil is a little harsh to use every day, but when you need it, it is a useful natural medicine for everyday ailments. It is strong, though, so please don’t use neem oil at all if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding or on other treatments.

That said, neem is a lovely African botanical that has its place in the African herbal kitchen.

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