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African Honey

African honey is the stuff of legend: a healing antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, a prized forest nectar and a drink of the Gods. Call us biased, but we think it’s the best in the world. When honey is unsustainably gathered in the wild, young men cut down trees and burn the bee hive, killing the queen and any chance of hive survival.

African forests are increasingly under threat from deforestation, and beekeepers look to other ways to continue to make honey easily and locally available. After all, eating local honey keeps allergies at bay, and who doesn’t need that when it comes to rainy season? Honey is a big business, and we see African beekeepers creating world class honey with sustainable and healthy hives. If you’d like to share more about African bee keeping and delicious African honey, get in touch.

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Flickr: brockvicky / artisanal honey in Africa is used in food and medicinals

How We Use Honey

Honey is a high-energy superfood, and is delicious eaten plain with a spoon, drizzled over local yoghurt, or mixed into some ginger tea. If you need a salve for a wound or burn — or a quick last-minute natural facial — honey works as well.

When African honey is traditionally gathered the hive is burned the hive is scattered. Please buy sustainable, cruelty-free honey made by commercial beekeepers!

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