Raw shea nuts for shea butter (Wikipedia)

African botanicals have been used for natural healing for thousands of years, carefully tended in home gardens and in the wild. These plants have evolved with human use and can be extremely nourishing, detoxifying and revitalizing when used in the right way.

We define bontanicals as healing plants that have traditionally been used as natural health care. African herbal traditions are rich with the knowledge of how to use many indigenous plants, flowers, trees and even moss and mushrooms. Aside from medicinal uses, these plants can play supportive and helping roles in keeping the body healthy, especially the skin, hair and nails.


Lemongrass or citronella (Wikipedia)

Herbal body care is an art, and the most luxurious recipes come from Africa: cocoa butter, shea butter, baobab oil, sesame oil, the list of ingredients goes on an on. All play a part in keeping hair soft and supple, skin bright and healthy, and the body nourished and looking good.

We love to make our own body care products and natural cosmetics. The abundance of African natural beauty products makes this easy, fun and rather exciting. Once you learn how to make your own body cream, you can adjust the flowers and herbs to suit your practical needs, support your emotions, and nourish your heart.

Please note that we are not a substitute for professional medical guidance. All treatments should be used only with the approval of your certified health care practitioner.

Here are some African botanicals you can learn more about:

Aloe Vera
Baobab Seed Oil
Neem Oil
Shea Butter

If you’re interested in trying out some African botanical recipes at home, may we suggest starting with:

Neem Tea Tonic

Kenkiliba Detoxifying Tea