About healthy and natural African recipes, food traditions, and local ingredients (www.africanepicure.com)

African food ready for a crowd to feast (Flickr: spaztacular)

Here, we explore the treasured, the traditional and the innovative bounty of Africa, from its food and drink to its time-honored botanicals. We hope that you enjoy your journey through our recipes and our stories.

This is a glossary of some the continent’s most exciting produce and preparations. Because no list can ever be complete, we are constantly adding and expanding and we ask your forgiveness if your favorite African ingredient or local food isn’t here. Please let us know about it (taste@africanepicure.com)!

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Homemade natural health and beauty products are easy in the African kitchen, if you know your ingredients.
Homebrew your own beer and other elixirs with local African ingredients.
Cocktails and Spirit Infusions
Turn your own vodka and rum into delicious cocktail bases with our fruit and spice infusions.
Fish and Seafood
African dishes from along the coast, rivers and waterways celebrate the bounty of the waters.
African Flowers
Learn about using local garden flowers in cooking, teas, herbal medicine and aromatherapy.
Local varieties and unique species of African fruit are easy and fun to discover.
Kitchen Equipment
Basic necessities to get you started in your African kitchen.
Lentils and Beans
Local varieties of African lentils and beans provide solid nutrition for vegetarians and those of us eating less meat.
Meat and Poultry
A wide variety of animals are raised, eaten and enjoyed in African cooking.
Design for the well-being of people and our planet, permaculture offers new and innovative approaches to gardening and resource conservation.
Natural superfoods that aid digestion, African spices also add flavor to the recipes we love.
Seeds and Nuts
Eating more local African seeds and nuts in your diet leads to health and longevity. Find out more!
Starches and Grains
Artisanal grains and starchy stapes have made African food famous, and with good reason.
Trees and Bushes
Useful for all kinds of things, including shelter, food and plant medicine, African trees and bushes are the cornerstone of our natural ecosystems.
We love local African vegetables and we use them in all kinds of traditional and new ways.